Holocaust Memorial | Peter Eisenman

Today’s lecture in my elective was about the Deconstructivist architecture of Peter Eisenman.  The last project presented was his Holocaust Memorial and Museum in Berlin, Germany.  The memorial is a a disorienting exploration of blocks that fluctuate as they move in a grid along and undulating topography and raise taller and taller.  Experiencing the enormity of this memorial first hand I was struck by the feeling of being lost and confused.  This feeling was only magnified at night.  The interior of the museum makes you reflect and contemplate due to the information, but also how it was presented.  The museum winds you through the history of the murdered Jews of the Holocaust, stimulating each of the senses along the way.  The use of light and darkness help Eisenman create a somber and effective memorial to commemorate those murdered during Hitler’s control over Germany.

Holocaust Memorial | Berlin, Germany

Holocaust Memorial | Berlin, Germany

Overlooking the Holocaust Memorial

Interior of the Holocaust Museum

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One thought on “Holocaust Memorial | Peter Eisenman

  1. travelingmad says:

    Nice photos. I don’t think I would be able to go there at night. For some reason I think it would make me even sadder. I wouldn’t be able to walk through that memorial without crying.

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