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Staged Nature

Photographer Noemie Goudal creates natural environments using artificial elements.  Her use of light, clothe, water and photographs help create the illusion of nature.  Her art evokes a sense of wonder and mystery as one is unsure of what is natural and what is artificial.

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Quick Draw

Given 4 words, a pencil, paper and an open mind, the following video is an example of the abstract organic forms that can be produced without over analyzing.  Though it does not specifically relate to my thesis, it is a prime example of a quick study and production of simple, clear and abstractions of ideas.

76 Seeds / Instructional Drawing App / Matt Pyke & Friends from Matt Pyke on Vimeo.

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Your Rainbow Panorama | Olafur Eliasson

Artist Olafur Eliasson new installation to the ARoS Museum of Art in Arhus, Denmark provides a 360 panoramic view of the cityscape.  Every color in the spectrum is present as this design looks to erase the boundaries between indoors and out to question the comfortable limits for which people are accustomed to moving, ultimately altering and defining the perception of the city below.

ARoS Museum of Art | Arhus, Denmark

Rendering of Your Rainbow Panorama | Olafur Eliasson

Your Rainbow Panorama | Olafur Eliasson

Interior of Your Rainbow Panorama | Olafur Eliasson

Interior of Your Rainbow Panorama | Olafur Eliasson

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Stored Potential | Farm, Not Function

Abandoned grain elevators in Omaha, Nebraska that are too structurally sound and too expensive to remove have been given a face lift when the organization Emerging Terrain‘s proposed draping banners of art with an agricultural related theme on the side of the silos.  This addition to the highway has revamped the abandoned shells that overpowered their landscape and has become the biggest thing to hit Omaha since the Great Flood of 1881.

Grain Elevators | Omaha, Nebraska

Grain Silo | Omaha, Nebraska

Grain Elevators | Omaha, Nebraska

Grain Elevators | Omaha, Nebraska

Grain Elevators | Omaha, Nebraska

Grain Elevators | Omaha, Nebraska

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Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

The art installation Blue Stick Garden in Quebec, Canada is an experiential labyrinth in which visitors wander through experiencing an ever-shifting set of views and vistas.  Tall sticks are painted on three sides a different shade of blue and the fourth is orange representing a pixelated poppy flower.  These sticks are then “planted” into the ground to create a chromatic effect that creates a sensually engaging experience that reinterprets the spirit of colour and movement.

Claude Cormier and Associates

Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

Pixelated Poppy | Quebec, Canada

Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

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Lighting Design

Next Fall, set design by Wilson Chin located at the Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway.

On a stage that does not change decorations, furniture or backdrops the changes in lighting transforms the feeling of a space and mood of a scene as well as the location of the story.   Set design is designing in a controlled environment in a way that will be perceived by the viewer as directed by the actors.   How can the use of artificial light and natural light in architecture transform the use of a space?  Lighting has the ability to wake people up, make them somber, make them cold and make them warm, amongst other emotions.  Exploring the work of controlled set design could help speak to a larger scale architectural project.

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a lyric a day

Architecture is influenced by many styles of art including photography, painting, music and graphics just to name a few.  When I came upon the website I was immediately intrigued by the music chosen, but also the ways the designer Luke S. Beard chose to graphically represent each song.  He plays with typography in some images and uses large graphic images and less pronounced text in others to portray the importance of each carefully chosen lyric.  It brings to mind the value of graphic covers for music.  In a world of instant downloads you begin to loose the appreciation for album artwork.

Here is a short slideshow of a lyric a day images, but I recommend checking out the archives on  You’ll find new music that you’ve never heard of before and also be visually stimulated.

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