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Absence and Growth

The absence of humanity within a built form does not mean there is an absence of existence and growth.  The decay of the structure’s finishes such as the wall paper and paint imply an existence of natural forms, a sort of simulation of growth within the decay.  Nature then finds a way to break through the man made forms in a unnatural location.  The lines of nature and built form are blurred in the destruction of a building and overtaking by nature.  The simulation of nature provides a mystery and exploration similar to the experience of nature in a forest.  It is the absence of reality that allows nature to overcome and become a new reality.

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Light peaking through the ruins simulate nature and growth

Nature grows within the ruins of the abandoned structure

Pealing paint and light simulate layers of destruction but also growth

Pealing paint and light simulate layers of destruction but also growth

Greenery grows within the urban ruin providing new life and of a sense renewal within the decay

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Creation from Destruction

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this cement factory has been transformed from one of the most ugly things in the world to a beautiful family compound.  Designed by Ricardo Bofill, Taller de Arquitectura this factory has been reinvented as a green and vibrant environment from its previous dreary, dusty and polluting element.  The use of materials and respect to the original structure intrigue me as it appears in my opinion something new has come from an abandoned, underutilized structure.

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Concrete Factory to Home | Barcelona, Spain

Interior of Concrete Factory to Home | Barcelona, Spain

Interior Concrete Factory to Home | Barcelona, Spain

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Modern home built out of Ruins

On this island of Coll off the coast of Scotland sits a new Modern home that sits within the ruins of a stone manor.  The thing that intrigues me about this project is the large crack in the stone that has become sealed as a window for the courtyard of the home.  It is not a window for viewing and not necessarily for light either, but it shows some of the history of the old stone manor.  It could have just as easily been filled in with stone, but is instead the moment that shows the deterioration of the stone and structure.  The modern addition is a nice compliment to the stone as it does not overpower the ruins and remains respectful to the original site.

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Rebuilt Historic Modern House

Rebuilt Historic Modern House

Before and After

Before and After

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Urban Ruins

The Ruins of New York | Palladium Boots.

I’ve attached a link to the website Palladiumboots.com about urban abandoned structures from such major cities as New York City, Detroit and Berlin, Germany.  I’ve always been interested in urban exploration and abandoned buildings.  We are taught in school to see buildings through their construction process and lifetime, but never study them when they are no longer relevant to its intended purpose.

While traveling in Porto, Portugal I noticed many abandoned buildings nestles next to maintained buildings and began to wonder what these structures were like when vibrantly maintained.  Also how could they be renovated to become a piece of the neighborhood rather than a vacant whole.

A tree growing in an abandoned building | Porto,Portugal

A tree growing in an abandoned building | Porto, Portugal

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