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Creation from Destruction

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this cement factory has been transformed from one of the most ugly things in the world to a beautiful family compound.  Designed by Ricardo Bofill, Taller de Arquitectura this factory has been reinvented as a green and vibrant environment from its previous dreary, dusty and polluting element.  The use of materials and respect to the original structure intrigue me as it appears in my opinion something new has come from an abandoned, underutilized structure.

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Concrete Factory to Home | Barcelona, Spain

Interior of Concrete Factory to Home | Barcelona, Spain

Interior Concrete Factory to Home | Barcelona, Spain

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Last October I traveled to Barcelona, Spain to explore Spanish architecture, culture and food.  I did all and subsequently fell in love with the city, weather and people.  One thing that I found throughout the city was the strength of the sun, and the contrast between the light and dark spaces.  The different materials used creates different shadows, below I’ve shown examples of rough stone, smooth concrete and course brick.  The light reacts much harsher to the smooth concrete and therefore makes cleaner dark spaces.  In contrast the light hits the rough stone and course bricks and seems to blend into darker space.  Barcelona was one of my favorite cities and I’m sure will be explored further in this blog.

Parc Guell, Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona Spain

Parc Guell, Antoni Gaudi | Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Pavilion, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Pavilion, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe | Barcelona, Spain

Castillo de Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

Castillo de Montjuic | Barcelona, Spain

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