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Absence and Growth

The absence of humanity within a built form does not mean there is an absence of existence and growth.  The decay of the structure’s finishes such as the wall paper and paint imply an existence of natural forms, a sort of simulation of growth within the decay.  Nature then finds a way to break through the man made forms in a unnatural location.  The lines of nature and built form are blurred in the destruction of a building and overtaking by nature.  The simulation of nature provides a mystery and exploration similar to the experience of nature in a forest.  It is the absence of reality that allows nature to overcome and become a new reality.

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Light peaking through the ruins simulate nature and growth

Nature grows within the ruins of the abandoned structure

Pealing paint and light simulate layers of destruction but also growth

Pealing paint and light simulate layers of destruction but also growth

Greenery grows within the urban ruin providing new life and of a sense renewal within the decay

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Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

The art installation Blue Stick Garden in Quebec, Canada is an experiential labyrinth in which visitors wander through experiencing an ever-shifting set of views and vistas.  Tall sticks are painted on three sides a different shade of blue and the fourth is orange representing a pixelated poppy flower.  These sticks are then “planted” into the ground to create a chromatic effect that creates a sensually engaging experience that reinterprets the spirit of colour and movement.

Claude Cormier and Associates

Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

Pixelated Poppy | Quebec, Canada

Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

Blue Stick Garden | Quebec, Canada

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